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“ The small businesses of today face an ever-changing and increasingly difficult and competitive business environment. A result oriented financial strategy, properly implemented and managed, is essential to business success…”

Equant helps companies to develop and take the next step in their growth trajectory. The role of the CFO as a company’s financial function leader is changing significantly. The historical model predominantly targeting cost accounting and control is rapidly becoming obsolete, as it no longer suits the ever changing business environment. The modern CFO must skilfully balance four key interrelated roles: that of strategist, steward, operator and catalyst.

EQUANT provides clients with expertise in strategic, financial, accounting, and operations management. Clients benefit from the in-depth experience of a part-time CFO professional without having to incur the expenses of a full-time position. EQUANT helps companies develop and support effective and efficient financial operations that encompass both current operational issues and strategic planning concerns of the CEO and Executive Management.

Are you WORRIED ABOUT the month end numbers?

Is everyone around you telling you “…not to worry!” Yeh to thik hai.”
  • Do you find that your MIS reports do not provide you with meaningful information or are not     timely?
  • Do your Gross Profit margins fluctuate widely from month to month?
  • Does the lack of corporate planning result in crisis management?
  • Does the performance reflected on your MIS often vary significantly from your expectations?
  • Do you have unsteady cash flows?
  • Are you experiencing rapid growth?
  • Have you had out-of-the-ordinary turnover in senior management and finance executives?
  • Are you experiencing poor financial results?
  • Does your company have inadequate internal controls?
  • Do you need assistance working with bankers and your external auditors?

If you answered, “Yes” to at least one question, then the chances are high that you require our services. We invite you to contact us for more information.

Part-Time CFO : This is a perfect answer to the needs of small companies that require CFO competencies to assist in the development of a strong foundation from which to build a successful company. We can assist early stage growth companies with the expertise of an experienced CFO customized to your requirements.

Interim CFO : During times of turnover or absences of your current CFO or Controller, we can provide immediate interim assistance so that your company doesn’t miss a step. If needed, we can even assist your company to secure a replacement and provide training and transitional support after they arrive, thus ensuring a smooth and successful executive transition.