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“With increased thrust on compliance and governance today’s businesses face a dynamic business environment with enormous focus on ethics & compliance, governance and disclosure.”

The need of the hour is to have a legal strategy to mitigate risk, adopt a culture of ethics & compliance, have effective contract and litigation management thus enabling business to have a competitive edge while insulating them from Regulatory scrutiny.

Today, a General Counsel (Legal Head) promotes a culture of ethics and compliance within the organization, while developing a legal strategy which will improve transparency and governance. In today’s world the legal function is expected to be a proactive team member who would contribute in formulating sound business strategies without compromising on compliance. The person should skilfully balance the role of strategist, advisor and executor.

EQUANT provides clients expertise in strategic legal advisory, operational legal and compliance management and in setting up of policies and procedures. Clients benefit from the in-depth expertise of a seasoned lawyer who would support them on an assignment basis. EQUANT helps companies develop and support an effective and efficient legal function that acts as a preferred partner for the business by engaging with them in operational or strategic matters. We also assist business with quality junior associates.

Are you unsure of your compliance with statutory liability?

Is everyone around you telling you “…not to worry!” – “Yeh to thikhai.”?

  • You do not know how many valid contracts you have as on a given date
  • You do not have a clue of the Powers of Attorney (PoAs) granted by your company and how many of such people to whom PoA was granted are no longer associated with your company
  • You have been signing contracts without actually reading the agreement in entirety as you think these are full of legal jargon which is not your cup of tea
  • You go for strategic business negotiations with little or no legal support
  • Your external lawyer continues to charge you huge bills for litigation support about which you have no rationale
  • You do not have a database of on-going litigations for and against your company
  • You do not have up to date case history for your litigations and have never been advised that one should have a correct litigation strategy in place before a court battle
  • You have never bothered to seek Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks or any such Intellectual Property protection for your innovations, creative works or products
  • You have not been maintaining a repository of all your IPR and taking appropriate steps to keep them alive
  • You are facing IPR infringement from competition
  • Your Board is not happy with the manner in which you plan and conduct Board meetings and are also unhappy with the quality of information circulated as pre-read for these meetings
  • You are facing an inquiry from statutory authorities and are looking for quality support tointeract with them and address queries raised by them
  • You do not have a valid Code of Conduct policy for the organisation or are unsure if the policy is actually implemented in true letter and spirit
  • You do not have policies on sexual harassment at work and would like to conduct seminar on awareness among associates

If you answered, “Yes” to at least one of the above, then you quite likely have a need for our services. We invite you to contact us for more information.